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The Top Green Living Trends of 2021

by Tom Stachler 06/13/2021

Over the last several decades, green living has become less of an alternative lifestyle and more of a mainstream effort.

These are just a few of the top green living trends that are taking shape in 2021:

Packaging Without Plastics

Since plastic is cheap and easy to produce, it is present in nearly every type of packaging. In 2021, the effort to remove plastics from as much packaging as possible has begun in earnest. Not only are major corporations and businesses working to eliminate plastic from their packaging and working toward more sustainable options, but individuals also are working to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that they consume on a daily basis. An easy way to get started is to invest in reusable lunch bags or metal straws in order to move toward a life without plastic waste.

Choosing to Work from Home

When the pandemic hit in the early months of 2020, thousands upon thousands of people found themselves thrust into the world of remote working. All of those Zoom meetings were awkward at first, but the workforce quickly became accustomed to the reality of working from home. Now, in 2021, many are finding that remote work is the more sustainable option. It cuts down on the amount of travel to and from the office and many long-distance work trips can now be completed virtually with ease. Instead of feeling forced into this situation, many are opting to reduce their carbon footprint by continuing to work from home.

Downsizing Living Spaces

People have learned that bigger isn't always better when it comes to living spaces. In fact, many are opting to downsize and purchase smaller homes than the ones that they already have. Smaller homes use fewer resources and cost less to maintain, making them a more sustainable option in both the short- and long-term. It's not just tiny homes that are in high demand, but also houses that offer fewer square footage than their mega-sized counterparts that seemed to dominate the real estate market for decades.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting is a process that many companies and individuals are adopting in order to reduce their ecological footprint. The term essentially refers to taking environmentally-friendly actions to make up the "cost" of everyday business practices. For example, a person who ships products regularly for their small business may offset the carbon emissions from those actions by donating money to plant trees in a specific part of the world.

As opposed to other trends - such as up-and-coming fashion and home decor ideas - green living trends are here to stay. Once a sustainable trend takes hold within a community it quickly becomes the norm. This is largely due to the fact that people see and recognize how important it is to adjust their own habits in order to protect the world for future generations. So while these ideas are trending now, you can expect even more exciting opportunities and movements in the future.

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